Dear Classmates,

If you missed the 60th reunion, you missed a good one. The Friday night party was great. We had time to renew old friendships and had a great group photo taken that you can find on our Facebook page. If you don’t frequent Facebook, check out the Classmates Reunite section of this website to see the photo.

Saturday night's banquet was also a delight. Good food, good fun, and good friends. Classmate Aaron Johnson and his friends, Jim and Paul, provided the music for the evening, displaying their many talents using their voices, ukes, guitars and bass.

The weekend ended with another great Sunday brunch at the Pines. Following the meal, many classmates formed a circle outside on the patio and continued the chatting and laughing. There was some talk about a possible destination reunion in Florida, but It was sad to say goodbye to this 60th reunion, but there was some talk about a possible destination reunion in Florida within the next couple of years.

Well, that is all for now. Everyone do your best to stay healthy, and may God bless you all!

Jim Salzman, President
DHS Class of '58

When I reached out to Norma Lebre Van Scoyoc to contribute a little article to our website home page, she added a personal note to me which I think many of you might like to see. If only all of us were close enough to do what Norma did in celebration of her birthday! Perhaps it's not too far for some to make the journey. For others we might have to resort to just showing pictures and telling our children/grandchildren/great grandchildren what a great childhood we had.

Sally (Melvin) Tiffany, Member
DHS Class of 1958 Reunion Committee

"I have to tell you that around my 80th birthday, I took my children and grandchildren back to DIxon. Some of the grandchildren had never been there and I wanted them to see where their Paw Paw and I grew up. We toured old neighborhoods, visited Memorial Pool, the high school, Reagan’s boyhood home and hiked in Lowell Park. On the way back to Bloomington we stopped in Ladd for chicken. One of the younger grandchildren commented. “This was the best day ever”. Warmed my heart to be sure." - Norma Lebre Van Scoyoc

Dear Classmates,

Do you remember why 2023 is such a momentous year? Sally referred to it in a previous email. Yes, sixty-five years ago we graduated from DHS to begin our lives as adults. So much has happened to each of us in the ensuing years. Reunions brought us back together to catch up and renew old friendships. After our 60th reunion, tentatively we planned a destination reunion. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic rearing its ugly head, it did not come to fruition. Some of you were able to attend a one-day event in 2021 in Dixon as its replacement.

Now, however, we are at that stage of our lives where traveling distances is even more out of the question. However, we are a strong bunch. Those of us who live in the Dixon area have been meeting every other month for lunch at a local restaurant. Those restaurants we remember from our youth are gone - except for White Pines which still provides its unique atmosphere and is a favorite place to meet. But others have emerged to provide good food to accompany our fellowship. I try to make at least three a year. Attendance varies from eight to just shy of twenty. Such fun! I wish more of you could be there. “Hats off” to Marion (Woessner) Myers who coordinates these lunches during the first week of the designated month.

I would also like to give a big “shout out” to our class secretary Sally (Melvin) Tiffany who does such a fantastic job of keeping us informed of the death of clssmates and email changes. She has got to be the best ever!

Well, as our President, Jim Salzman, would say, “That’s it for now.” Please stay safe, enjoy your families and take care of yourselves.

Blessing to you all.

Norma (Lebre) Van Scoyoc, Vice President
DHS Class of ‘58