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What started out in the late 80's was a hobby and love for electronics. Back then you used a modem (300 baud - a very slow turtle by today's standards) and designed a bulletin board whereby other people could access your site, chat, send messages and download or upload files.

By the early 90's the infancy of the Internet was prospering and the rush was on to add a website for your personal or business use. Those early sites were entirely text-based, with minimal images and no real layout to speak of other than headings and paragraphs. However, the industry progressed, eventually bringing us table-based designs, then Flash, and finally CSS-based designs.

Today we have sites designed with HTML, Flash, Joomla and Wordpress. With assistance from associates located across the United States, the knowlege and timeline for developing websites is greatly enhanced.

With the advent of faster access speeds to the Internet it has now created a system for repairing a computer's operating system, eradicating virus, malware and spyware files that may accumulate on it.

Many repairs, training on software programs, setting up devices, and more can be done in the comfort of your home or business. You no longer have to carry it off to a computer store for assistance. Email or call us for help!

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