Dixon's parks offer the Dixon community clean and safe neighborhood parks that the entire family can enjoy.

Dixon's parks cover some 1,100 acres, including the historic and beautiful Lowell Park where former President Ronald Reagan served as lifeguard for seven summers during his high school and college years. Lowell Park celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2007, and is on the
National Register of Historic Places, being added on August 8, 2006. 

Because of the genius of designers Frederick Law Olmsted, Arthur C. Comey, and O. C. Simonds, Lowell Park has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Furthermore, Lowell Park is proud to be the site of Lowell Forest, an Illinois Nature Preserve.

The Meadows, encompassing 500 acres is home to multi-purpose trails, bow hunting, soccer fields, roller hockey courts, football fields, a golf driving range, wooden wonderland, water wonderland, and numerous wildlife.

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