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Dixon's history of government began on March 20, 1843, when an election was held at Dixon on the question as to whether or not a town should be organized under the general statutes of the State of Illinois permitting the organization of towns.

An election was held January 17, 1911 and, by a vote of 574 to 445, the City of Dixon adopted the Commission form of government. The City has continued to operate under this form since that date although an unsuccessful attempt was made to abandon it at an election held October 22, 1918.

The City of Dixon government operated with a mayor and four commissioners which oversaw particular areas of operation for the city for 103 years. In November 2014, voters selected a city managerial form of government for the City of Dixon.

In April 2012, Dixon City Comptroller Rita Crundwell was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for embezzlement. Records show $30 million was taken during 2007 to 2012. Federal prosecutors placed the estimate of the embezzlement at $53 million, since 1990.

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Current City Officials:

Liandro Arellano Jr., Mayor

Dennis H. Considine, City Council

Ruan Marshall, City Council

Mary Oros, City Council

Mike Venier, City Council

Keesha Blumhoff, City Clerk

Stephanie Terranova, Deputy City Clerk

Robert T. LeSage III, City Attorney

Danny Langloss Jr., City Manager

Paul Shiaras, Building Official

Steve Howell, Police Chief

Ryan Buskohl, Fire Chief

Curt Phillips, Manager: Public Property

Jim Canterbury, Manager: Street Dept.

Josh McNitt, Manager: Waste Water Dept.

Matt Heckman, Public Works Director

Becky Fredericks, Finance Director

Antony Deter, Library Director

Allen Philhower, Manager: Information Technology


City of Dixon
121 West 2nd Street
Dixon, IL 61021

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